Essentials Hygiene Pack

Essentials hygiene pack with Gel Hand Sanitiser, Pack of 10 wipes and Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask in individual poly bag. Includes items:LL726 Splash Gel Hand Sanitiser LL8888 Disposable 3 Ply Mask LL3027 H20 Wet Wipes Disposable 3-layer face mask - Suitable for home, occupational and recreational use. These comfortable fitting masks are securely held in place with two elastic ear straps and have a flexible insert that bends to the shape of your nose bridge. The triple layers provide excellent filtration the two outer layers are non-woven polypropylene and the inner layer is melt blown non-woven fabric. Made to CE EN149:2001 + A1:2009 standards they ll filter out up to 94% of airborne respiratory particles, both solid particles and liquid droplets when correctly fitted in accordance with the supplied fitting instructions. Note these are not medical grade devices and cannot be used for medical procedures.Hand sanitiser - 60ml alcohol based clear gel hand sanitiser with moisturiser in clear plastic squeeze bottle. Kills most germs and leaves hands feeling refreshed and clean. 60% alcohol content.Wet Wipes - 10 x Citrus scented anti bacterial non woven hand wipes in pouch with resealable sticker. Great for body, offices, car, travel bags or anytime you re on the go!. Collection: Health & Beauty Category: Anti Bacterial Colours Available: Face Mask: BlueHand Sanitiser: ClearWet Wipes: Silver Materials: Face Mask - Non-woven polypropylene outer layers, melt blown inner layer, Hand Sanitiser - Bottle: PE, Liquid: Refer Line Drawing for Ingredients list, Wet Wipes - Pouch: PET, Wipes: Cotton Item Size: Bag - 150 x 230mm (LxH)
PS Ref: PS0088637